Friendly. Professional. Quality.
“Working with Amy and Grace has been absolutely sensational. They were so accommodating to our needs and the food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful. We look forward to working with them very soon.”
Sue F.

Side by Side Gourmet is a dream come true for the busy family that values eating healthy, nutritious, and very delicious food. Amy and Grace are very accomplished chefs and caterers that are striving to provide fabulous family meals at affordable prices. Using their services is essentially having a first class personal chef at grocery store prices. They have an enormous cross-cultural repertoire represented in a rotating online menu. They are also meticulous in adjusting meals to accommodate allergies or special nutritional needs. Their meats are all lean and beautifully trimmed and they use no butter or cream in their cooking. Meals, side dishes, soups and salads are all available for home delivery or pick up at the farmers' market at the College of San Mateo on Saturday mornings.

Amy Lai comes from a long line of French influenced service industry experience having grown up in family owned hotels and restaurants overseas.

Grace Ly has had extensive cooking and catering experience from around the Bay Area and has also owned San Francisco restaurants and cafes.